Thursday, November 7, 2013

I know its been a while since my last post and a lot has happened since then!

Well for starters I am no longer furloughed... YAY!!! It was nice being back in the office even though things were a little slower after the government reopened. Although the night that the government opened I got to see the amazing opportunity of seeing some major news networks like CNN film right outside of the Capitol.

After my roommate and I turned the television on to see what was going on with the government we see Anderson Cooper outside the Capitol. My roommate being a huge fan of him brought up the idea of running to the Capitol which, is only a block away from where we live and see him!

Well, if you really know you know it doesn't take much to convince to me to tag along. So, we ran to the Capitol like crazy excited young interns in DC. Running past the House side we saw Congressmen and Women walking down the steps getting in their cars to go home after a long day and night of voting.

Once we go to where Anderson Cooper was we realized we were not the only people in DC who had the bright idea to go to the Capitol at this moment. There were about 20 people who had the same idea we did waving and smiling at the camera to their loved one far from our Nations Capitol. And yes... I was among them smiling at the camera and calling my parents to turn their television on and asking " can you see me?" 
My parents told me to wave or do something obnoxious which I then responded " Mom, Dad someday I want to make big I don't want to blow it by making myself look like that idiot who wants their 5 seconds of fame. I don't want 5 seconds I want my own show!" 

My parents eventually saw me and of course took pictures of the television when I appeared in the background of Anderson interviewing some of the Congressmen and Women. 

It was such a cool experience and I couldn't believe that this was my life in that moment. I couldn't believe that I was there at the Capitol when the Government and just a intern during that time in general. I wonder what other experiences I will share next! :)  

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