Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Yes, yours truly is still furloughed and no I did not bake these cookies to pay for my rent. I am not at that point yet.... 

This week isn't too bad. My office let me go in twice this week. I went Monday and I go in again on Thursday. Not too bad... as weird as it sounds I really did miss the office. I mean its nice to sleep in but I like being in the middle of the action. Being in the office and seeing reporters on FOX and MSNBC talk about the different issues and then be in the office and dealing with them from a intern perspective. 
It didn't really hit home that being a congressional intern in DC during this time is actually a BIG DEAL! It wasn't until the Congresswoman reminded me that it was when she talked to me on Monday. I mean how many people can say that they were a Junior in college and a Congressional Intern during a government shutdown in DC.... Not many!

DC this second time around is quite the experience and I am so grateful for this opportunity. I am making so many great friendships and meeting different people from different walks of life. Its a little taste of life after college and I like it. I like the diversity, I like the challenges, and I love the surprises and uncertainties of everyday! All of this really didn't hit me until I actually stopped and looked at where I was at and sitting with the people I was with. A very different life than I have ever pictured!

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