Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Yes, yours truly is still furloughed and no I did not bake these cookies to pay for my rent. I am not at that point yet.... 

This week isn't too bad. My office let me go in twice this week. I went Monday and I go in again on Thursday. Not too bad... as weird as it sounds I really did miss the office. I mean its nice to sleep in but I like being in the middle of the action. Being in the office and seeing reporters on FOX and MSNBC talk about the different issues and then be in the office and dealing with them from a intern perspective. 
It didn't really hit home that being a congressional intern in DC during this time is actually a BIG DEAL! It wasn't until the Congresswoman reminded me that it was when she talked to me on Monday. I mean how many people can say that they were a Junior in college and a Congressional Intern during a government shutdown in DC.... Not many!

DC this second time around is quite the experience and I am so grateful for this opportunity. I am making so many great friendships and meeting different people from different walks of life. Its a little taste of life after college and I like it. I like the diversity, I like the challenges, and I love the surprises and uncertainties of everyday! All of this really didn't hit me until I actually stopped and looked at where I was at and sitting with the people I was with. A very different life than I have ever pictured!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

I know I have been here in DC for a month now and A LOT has happened and I apologize for not keeping you posted as well as I should have been. Especially considering that I arrived here during a possible government intervention with Syria, two weeks later the Navy Yard shooting, and now the opening of the healthcare marketplace through Obamacare and the government shutdown! Lots of people have been asking me what the government shutdown means for me as a Congressional Intern. Well, I get a lot of days off and some bars and restaurant have a lot of sympathy for furloughed employees with discounts and free food and drinks!

As exciting and unfortunate as the government shutdown has been, it has simply provided me with a lot of free time and an unexpected Capitol shooting. My days have consisted of the following:

Thought I would be lazy these first two days because I thought that I if anything crazy would happen it would happen the first few days. BOY WAS I WRONG!! 
Today,  I decided to go out and be productive. So I woke up at 10:30 and went for a run around the Capitol at 11. I ran around for about an hour with some stopping to take pictures of the reporters interviewing Senators and U.S. Representatives outside of the Capitol. The entire time I was thinking "WOW! This is my life! I am running around the Capitol and watching people get interviewed."
While running I came across some women who were also furloughed and selling baked good. I bought a seven layer bar considering the income from these pastries would be their only source of income due to the shutdown and it was quit delectable! By this point it was noon and I was on my way to Target to get some groceries and buy my very Best Friend Cory her birthday present so I could mail it to her once I got home. Shout out to Cory! Happy Birthday Girl!!!
So, while I was at Target paying for my month's worth of groceries I received an unexpected call from my roommate saying that there had been a shooting at the Capitol (which, is where I had been two hours before). I started freaking out because I needed to get home and with my luck, I live two blocks away from the Capitol and I had decided to go out exactly on the day of this unfortunate event.
My roommate thought it would be best that I take a cab instead of the metro so I wouldn't have to walk. Because I value my life I decided to listen to my roommate and spend $20 bucks on a cab back to my apartment. Getting the cab was fine but at the end of the cab ride it was not! Because my cab driver didn't know the shooting had happened and he couldn't get me to my apartment because several streets were blocked off, he dropped me off a a little over half a mile away from my apartment and I had four bags of groceries. I got frustrated with the driver and just wanted to get home so I paid for my cab and demanded $5 back because he didn't know what he was doing and I ended up walking in the middle of it! UGH! Walking home I was freaking out and praying that I would make it safely! Then when I stopped at a corner I noticed my bag was breaking! Wanna know what I was thinking? Well first I thought " F@#$!" Then I said "if this breaks right now I will just surrender and CRY!"  But, thankfully it didn't and I ran inside my building and then in my apartment and locked the door behind me and thanked God I made it home safe.
So, that's how things are DC. I promise I will try and get better at posting what has been happening. :)